Total Return Yoga Retreat

Finally, a yoga retreat specifically for temperamental and cantankerous financiers!

the program

Total Return Yoga Retreat (ToReYoRe for short) is an exclusive and all-inclusive 8-day intensive program aimed at self discovery of inner peace and tranquility. ToReYoRe leverages ancient wisdoms of yogis past to provide you with a unique experience that will get to the heart of the knots within your soul. Together with an open and nourishing community, you will explore your own emotions and journey into the worlds of others'.

Over the course of 8 days, ToReYoRe follows the flow of Mother Earth, beginning at sunrise each day and ending at sunset. Through the practice of all 36 poses known to modern yoga science and inward meditation, you will purify your mind and spirit. Meals will consist solely vegan Instapot rice and beans in order to cleanse the body as well.

With these activites, the stresses of the breakneck pace of the finance world will melt away, leaving behind a refreshed, rejuvenated businessperson. Upon returning to the office, you will see immediate results resulting from a mindful and conscious spirit. Get ready for promotions and bonuses galore!

our instructors

Known throughout the the world, Itazair Sabba is one of the most sought after yoga instructors of the modern era. He began his yoga journey many years ago, quickly discovering the multitude of wonders begotten by the synergy of mind and body.

Since achieving his yoga certification in September of 2020 from the International Yoga Alliance, he has led the instruction of scores of students through innovative and groundbreaking virtual yoga sessions. In his free time, you can find him perfecting his craft in the park or perusing the aisles of the local Costco, at which he is an executive member.


Sorry #ToReYoRe is full! Check back with us in 2021!